Hi! My name is Jordy Greenblatt (b.1999) and I am an artist  based out of New York, NY, recently graduated from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in May 2021. For the past two and a half years, I have created representational paintings/reliefs utilizing collaged elements cut and rendered by hand with different styles and applications. Through this method, I am able to explore light and space, layer and juxtapose competing mediums, and work with found materials. For some of my paintings, I begin with an undirected collage element, which I then build around to create a unified scene. Other times, I am inspired by a scene from art history. culture at large, or from my personal life and use the process of collage to break apart the composition and rebuild it to achieve my vision. In each case, I create a pastiche, where the viewer is taken on a tour around the painting with the various, sometimes disagreeable, components serving as the attractions.


Through creating a “mashup” of distinct techniques, rendering styles, mediums, and historical references, I intend not only for each component to stand alone, but also to create a neatly-packaged, cohesive narrative. My goal is to create works that are celebratory in that they are well-made, ornamental, and fun—something akin to the spirit of Las Vegas—while also being able to discuss any subject matter.